Welcome! Affirming LGBTQ MH

A website about LGBTQIA+ mental health that seeks to contribute to making accessible the conversations around mental health in its intersections with politics, sexual/gender dissident activism and the struggle for depathologisation, academia, and the knowledges that emerge from community spaces and people’s lived experience. 

Initially, this space emerged as a tool for dissemination between mental health professionals in Chile and the UK, in the context of a broader post-doctoral project (2022-2023) on the principles that guide LGBTQIA+ mental health work, led by Tomás Ojeda (who runs this page). On this platform, you will find some of the lessons learned and challenges that developed from the project, as well as resources and information of interest for those who want to delve deeper into these issues. 

In order to facilitate access to diverse audiences inside and outside academia, this website is open access and available in two languages, Spanish and English. Most of the resources you will find here, including this website, benefited from the generous support of the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and the South Coast Doctoral Training Partnership. We hope that the report and the information we share here in the future will contribute to making accessible the conversations around LGBTQIA+ mental health from an intersectional, depathologising and transnational approach, contributing to and learning from the initiatives other collectives have been undertaking in their territories.